Photo: © Damien Dufresne

Teuk Dey is a music collective lead by Khmer-American singer Amara Chhin, Khmer-French singer Jean-Baptiste Phou and composer Olivier Bostvironnois aka

These artists join forces in this musical project, Teuk Dey, to subtly combine diverse influences from Europe, the Americas and Asia. The original compositions and intermixes soulfully move people’s hearts with a profound and universal music. The texts – sung in English, French, Spanish and Khmer – on powerful themes, bring light and hope. Visual features, in the form of music videos, are presented as short films that draw us into a singular universe at the intersection of several continents with one distinct objective: bringing people together in musical communion.

Teuk Dey – translated as “Water and Earth” in Khmer – evokes sentiments of a homeland and takes us on a journey in a transcontinental universe.